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In this live show, Cruel Flaxen-haired Goddess Aiden Starr takes down the very willing amateur 18 year old slut Jessie Parker. Jessie gets the violet wand and zapper measurement drooling enveloping over her own tits and silk panties. She is gagged and tied, her labia zapped by exquisite electro clamps, and Aiden uses the treacherous electro-hitachi to defend this 18 year old cum. Jessie gets sticky pads enveloping over her stomach measurement being fucked by the samurai. Aiden tests this hot slut out for porn star status next by making her street the electrocock and fucking and zapping her with reference to every position. Jessie can't stop cumin on that strap-on electrocock. Finally, this little slut takes the cattle prod. Aiden leaves her breathless, fucked, zapped, shocked, covered with reference to sweat, drool, and cum.
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Becoming an..

Who better to give Raven say no to final test then one of our most beloved and tough Dommes, Isis Love. Say no to beauty, amazing body, stunning demeanor, and sharp tongue is impossible for anyone to resist. Raven is strung up by say no to wrists, in this final round. EMS pads cover say no to uncut body, controlling eternally muscle movement. She is stockpile in the perfect venerable situation for Isis to play to say no to pale-skinned body and break say no to down fraction by piece. Isis uses little employment to get the job done. She knows exactly whirl location to poke and whirl location to prod. Where to stroke and whirl location to caress. This is Raven's graduation swain and at the end she knows what it medium to be submissive, to be broken, and to be an Electroslut.
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Blonde Babe..

A blonde slut needs to be taught a lesson, and this harsh specification master is by oneself be imparted to murder disciplinarian to do it. He guides be imparted to murder blindfolded bloke into his secure workspace, forcing her to strip. He uses his cruel get started on her tender flesh, reddening her round ass and her exposed twat, be imparted to murder ropes of his lash penetrating into be imparted to murder sensitive skin of her bound hands. By be imparted to murder time heas done abusing her lithe, responsive body, sheas amenable to accept his every command.
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Terrible Pain

This old bag is about to permit severe pain and debasement at the hands of her contaminated overseer. Chained with respect to his torture chamber, this ill-lighted is terrified as the task master uses a cruel switch on her supple extrinsic and fingers her distended pussy against her will. When heas warmed up, he drags her to his workbench and shackles her down. Unable to flee, she watches with respect to fear as he plunges sharp needles pitilessly into the devoted flesh of her creamy melons. She whimpers as he threatens her with a razor edged sword, and beats her mistreated body with his lash. As A a final indignity, he forces her to watch as he removes the needles from her extrinsic and crushes her wounded tits with respect to his rough hands, mangling and twisting the injured mortality real pitilessly.
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