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Tormented Slut

This unwilling ebony captive fears for her sanity in the keep of her unforgiving overseer. He removes her from her place shackled on the wall of his dungeon, shoving her viciously to the floor as he readies himself to subject her to extraordinary degradation, abusing her tender mocha flesh with his rough, heavy hands. He forces her to suck on the handle of his cruel lash before requiring the same treatment for his thick cock. She fearfully complies, afraid the she may provoke his wrath and demand even more humiliation from her.
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Rough Blowjob

A slave learns her place and a pair of hard oppressors abuse their sub.
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Coed Bondage

This feisty redhead needs to be shown her place. She starts out captive and bound, her wrists and ankles shackled by her harsh task master. He suspends her from the ceiling, her thin arms painfully supporting her weight, before bringing her down and binding her securely to a hard chair. Sheas blindfolded, made helpless by tightly wound rope and the rigid structure of the chair, and her merciless captor takes advantage to twist her sensitive nipples, maliciously inflicting pain. When he is certain she knows that he is in full control, he tortures her further, placing vise grips to cling and hang off her raw and abused nipples. He leaves her on her hands and knees, sure of her utter and complete degradation.
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Mad Pain

Mad Pain
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