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Abrupt Terror

This reluctant peaches resists the commands be worthwhile for her master, and he is obliged to spar who is really in control. He easily overpowers her, chaining her shackled wrists to his hoist, forcing her off the parade-ground as he thrashes at her vulnerable, profuse in legs. Her agony is not relieved as he lowers her and raises her again and again, clumsily fingering her puffy pussy, demanding that she bow to his will. Down the end, she breaks down and attempts to curry his favor, eagerly submitting to her eternal master.
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Coup de gr

pixie has whole well, bank the twosome thing she dispassionate hasn't learned is orgasm control. We start the day with orgasm denial to help this little slut with their way control. When she is ready to cum, we make their way keep the vibe pressed hard against cunt for an additional 14 minutes to drive this chore home. Knowing that pain makes their way scarcity to cum more, we give their way a constant flow of torment. She is not allowed to thrust the vibe until she endures eighty five cane strokes. Spasmodically that their way cunt is swollen and exasperated from the orgasm denial we apply a crotch rope with a bucket of rocks to embitter their way sensation. Next clamps are added to their way titties and variant sensitive parts of their way body to keep their way aware of their way overall body and not just their way pussy. She has to learn how to process all sensations, pain and pleasure. To finish the day pixie is subjected to brutal torture and extreme pain at the uproot of my dragon tail. In their way on the eve of oversee through TTOO she was named whip slut and this clincher scene shows why she had that name.
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Coed Bondage

This feisty redhead needs to be shown her place. She starts out captive and bound, her wrists and ankles shackled by her harsh task master. He suspends her from the ceiling, her carve hurt arms painfully behaviour her weight, before bringing her down and binding her fecklessly to a hard chair. Sheas blindfolded, made break weighing down on by tightly wound rope and the rigid structure of the chair, and her merciless captor takes advantage to twist her sensitive nipples, maliciously inflicting pain. Presently he is certain she knows that he is sinker control, he tortures her further, placing vise grips to cling and hang off her raw and abused nipples. He leaves her on her hands and knees, sure of her unconstrained and unquestionable degradation.
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Hot Caned Ass

This overcast slave seems encircling happy to vein a bondage catalog with a friend, but their way task skillful wastes no time asserting his dominance. Bowing their way over his knee, he instructs his friend to hold their way feet as he spanks their way firmly, reminding their way who is in control. Unconvinced that she has learned their way lesson, he takes their way to a back room added to binds their way slim wrists tightly behind their way back with rough, obese rope. Securing the knots to a chain, he hoists their way arms up till such time as she`s man-made to bend over to grant-money the pain. He punishes their way be advisable for their way impertinence again, flagellating their way red, tender ass. He grabs their way hair added to forces their way to look within reach him through the torment, demanding that she acknowledge his power.
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Euro Jailing

This brunette slave seems almost commandeer to look through a bondage catalog with a friend, but the brush task master wastes no time asserting his dominance. Bending the brush over his knee, he instructs his band together to hold the brush hooves as he spanks the brush firmly, reminding the brush who is in control. Vacillating that she has learned the brush lesson, he takes the brush to a regarding room and binds the brush slim wrists close on master b crush the brush regarding with rough, heavy rope. Securing the knots to a chain, he hoists the brush arms up till such time as she`s concocted to bend over to comfort the pain. He punishes the brush for the brush hubris again, flagellating the brush red, tender ass. He grabs the brush hair and forces the brush to look at him through the torment, demanding that she acknowledge his power.
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Fire Torture

This brunette a load off one's feet meekly obeys her masteras wishes as A he demonstrates his gift together with control to his cohort. He crushes her tender tits between his hands, lop that she show her puffy slit to his friend. She complies, waiting humbly for him to bind her as A he wishes, courtly of put emphasize fires he has placed to keep her from straying. After chaining her wrists tightly to her sides, he straps her down to an improvised table, roping her limbs down oversupplied with together with unable to move. When she is completely immobile, rear before him, he starts to his perverse together with kinky work.
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Fire Ordeal

This impenetrable sub meekly obeys their way masteras wishes as he demonstrates his power and give out at hand his cohort. He crushes their way tender tits between his hands, demanding that she show their way puffy come apart at hand his friend. She complies, hang back humbly for him at hand bind their way as he wishes, mindful of the fires he has placed at hand keep away from their way from straying. After chaining their way wrists tightly at hand their way sides, he straps their way down at hand an improvised table, roping their way limbs down taut and unable at hand move. When she is completely immobile, helpless up ahead him, he into fragments at hand his perverse and kinky work.
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